Call us /whatsapp : +628123662110 +628123662110 is a webpage of PT.Flores Exotic Tours which based on online marketing. We offer special trips for those who want to explore the island of Komodo Dragon, Flores island, other islands in Indonesia. all trip will be arranged as a Private tours, We can also make tailormade trip based on request. Our program focused on adventure tours cycling, Photography, birding, Trekking,Eco-Tours in Indonesia.

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Komodo Tours

Komodo Tours, Adventure tours to discover the island of Komodo Dragon in Komodo and Rinca, Komodo National park.Labuan bajo, Indonesia.

Flores & Komodo Tours

Adventure tours to discover the island of Komodo dragon and explore Flores nature, culture and tribes. Flores island,Indonesia

Lesser Sunda Islands - Indonesia

Special program to discover Lesser Sunda islands. Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo, Flores, West Timor, Indonesia

Beyond Flores & Komodo

we do offer trips to another island beyond Flores and Komodo.